Marissa and Mark

Marissa Leoni is an established vocal performer in the Perth music scene in her own right, Marisa Leoni has also performed as a singer in Japan & the East & West Coasts of Australia.

Her current projects are with - Jazz Blues Contemporary Fusion Project: Marisa & Mark with husband, iconic Western Australian rock jazz blues guitarist , Mark De Vattimo and Jazz, Bossa, Blues Fusion Project: Aambiance with Western Australian guitar virtuoso Priam Bacich.

Her past credits include working with Terence Schindler of Direction In Grooves (DIG) Fame and Cafe Mondo Band and the Junkadelic Big Band and Has Jazz in Perth, Western Australia. .

Marissa says being able to combine her two passions of international culture and singing is a dream come true.

Marissa and Mark plays Caves House Hotel, Sunday 3 June